How to Sponsor Your Own Course

Thank you for considering sponsoring a WMA International course. Together we will work with you to provide the highest quality wilderness medical training in the industry.

If you are a current sponsor please download and fill out THIS course booking form. When it is complete send it to

If you have never run a course with WMAI before:

  1. Please read our Sponsor Guide for more information on what it means to be a WMAI course sponsor.
  2. Review our course types here for more information about the courses we offer and what might fit your needs
  3. Fill out the form here, someone will be in touch to discuss the next steps!
  4. Read below for more information about hosting a course with WMA

What WMA Will Do:

  • Help you decide which course meets your training needs and whether it can be open to the public
  • Provide top quality instructors and teaching materials, current and relevant curriculum, and responsive program support from office staff and our Medical Director.
  • Give you access to our Sponsor Resource page, which is a wealth of information on hosting and marketing your course
  • Arrange for inexpensive instructor travel and ship teaching materials to you.
  • Provide certificate cards for all successful graduates of your course

What you as the Sponsor will Need to Do:

  • Develop a budget and pricing for the course (we can assist you)
  • Arrange for classroom, audiovisual equipment and rescue gear
  • Arrange room and board for instructors (and students if providing)
  • Register students and assemble a confirmation package
  • Communicate with the WMA office about student enrollment
  • For Open Enrollment Courses:
    • Make sure that everyone who responds to student inquiries is knowledgeable about course logistics
    • Develop and implement an marketing plan (we can assist you)