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Any organization can host a Wilderness Medical Associates International training. Course hosts range from local clubs, government non-profit agencies, and private companies. Hosting a course offers a valuable opportunity to provide high-level, specialized training to a group of staff or to known members of your professional or recreational community.

Wilderness Medical Associates International is responsible for providing instructors, course materials, and medical equipment. Sponsors are responsible for student registration, facilities, outdoor/industry-specific equipment, instructor meals and accommodation. WMA shares the responsibility with the sponsor of marketing the course.

A sponsor booklet exists that is intended to help the sponsor successfully plan and host an incredible training experience.

The Wilderness Medical Associates model is to send an instructor to your location and at your convenience. To book your training please contact any of our offices with potential training dates. We will help you select the right course and confirm instructor availability during that time.

In summary, responsibilities of sponsoring a course include:

  • Marketing your course.
  • Student registration (supported by our on-line options) and collecting tuition.
  • Travel, meals and accommodations for instructors
  • Communicating with students re: pre-course logistics
  • Communicating with the WMA office when you have questions or need help.
  • Providing an indoor classroom, with access to outdoor practice space
  • Obtaining certain equipment and gear
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